Intro Page

This is the front page and it demonstrates some of the features described. The introduction is an Html element which appears only on the front page. The list of posts is an Html element that appears on every page.

Disappearing Intro Entry

How the introduction Html element disappears on post pages.

Animated Test

This is a dual demo: an animated .gif overlaying a .jpg. It's the best way to get a good quality image moving.

Image With Caption

One weakness the Blogger interface has—no way to caption images. This offers several examples and using the techniques will allow precise control of captions.

Image Sizes

This is where the blog started. Blogger offers a few sizes when uploading, but what if you want more (or less)? I moved this page from a desktop test to a post to kick off the blog.

Restore Image Clickability

Uploaded images always go to the top of the post and dragging them into position may cause the large image link to be lost. This is a step-by-step recovery.