This is the Maine garage building project from the bare slab in May to weather tight in December. Major construction has ended for the year, since it's hard to work in the cold. Small projects may continue, but the construction effort will resume in the spring.

Due to the number of pictures (600+) the project is broken into smaller groups. Click on the area you want to see.

Days 1 – 7.  —  These are the initial days before the holiday reinforcements arrived. (garage1.html)

Days 8 – 10.  —  Reinforcements come and go and we are ready for truss delivery. (garage2.html)

Days 11 – 16.  —  Trusses arrive and are installed and we come to the completion of full time construction. (garage3.html)

Days 17 – Day 20.  —  Peaks go up and construction continues. (garage4.html)

The “Days” number is photographed construction day rather than sequential calendar days. This is now a weekend project.

Day 21  —  4th of July and weekend before. (garage5.html)

Day 28  —  Weekends of July 8 through July 22. (garage6.html)

Day 33 – Weekend of July 29.  —  Yard end close-up. (garage7)

Day 35 – August 5 through 13.  —  Typar and trim boards. (garage8)

Day 42 – August 18 through September 4.  —  Trim completion and beginning of shingling. (garage9)

Day 49 – September 9 through September 17.  —  Shingling continues and skylights are installed. (garage10)

Day 55 – September 30 through October 9.  —  Shingling of the house side and window and electrical installation. (garage11)

Day 63 – October 14 through December 8.  —  Windows, garage doors and close-up for the winter. Construction to continue next year. (garage12)