Linking Instructions

For the BRI eagle blog or other blogs that use the comment window and allow the <a> tag.

Updated instructions.

On 4/29 Suzanne posted clearer linking instructions than I had posted earlier.

Read her post and my translation of the HTML code. You can block copy the complete "translated" line, from the <a to the a> , into the BRI comment box and make the substitutions and it will produce a link.

If that doesn't work for you move to the second set of instructions. Once you do them once everything will be clear and you will only need the one line of code.

*Note* Suzanne's original post included a hidden <br> after "]" which causes a problem. I deleted it causing "Your" to jump up a line.

Suzanne said...

Movin Jim and others who want to
embed a clickable link to your videos in
this blog:

Use the following template:

[a href=""]Your Title[/a]

EXCEPT use carrots (<) and (>)instead of
the brackets. I had to use brackets to
illustrate this or the whole thing would
have turned into a clickable link. :-)

Thanks to Tom in Cali who got this started!

My Eagle Video 4/27/2007


10:57 PM

Risking being redundant (like that could happen on my own web site) I will translate that the exact code you should type in the comment box since I can do it here without it automagically converting to a link:

<a href="">Your Title</a>


Your link URL for, keeping the "s


Your brief description for Your Title.

When you click the Preview button the link will appear and you can Publish. If you want to test the link before Publishing, right click on it and select Open in New Window (or Tab.)

If that didn't work try this.

To insert a link into the BRI blog do the following:

1. Save the template by right clicking HERE and selecting Save target as.. or Save link as... depending on your browser.

2. Name the file link_template.txt on the Desktop or My Documents or where ever you want to work with it.

3. To create a blog entry with a link:

a. Open link_template.txt using a text editor (Notepad, Kate, or whatever your favorite is.) Double clicking on it should open the default editor.

b. Replace the INTRO_TEXT section with your own build-up.

c. In the link area which starts with <a replace LINK_LOCATION with your video/picture/link URL. It must be between the pair of "s.

d. In the same area, replace DESCRIPTIVE_TEXT with a short description of what the link contains.

e. Replace ENDING_TEXT with a closing statement.

f. Select the whole text and Edit, Copy or Ctrl+c.

g. Go to the BRI blog comment box, click inside the box and and paste your entry (Edit, Paste or Ctrl+v.)

h. Click the PREVIEW button at the bottom and make sure the post appears as you want including the link. You can test the link by clicking on it, but I would suggest right clicking and opening in a new window or tab.

i. Edit if necessary, or Publish.

j. Go back to the text editor window and if you want to save your writings File, Save as... name your creation. Or just exit without saving and the template will be preserved.