Continuing the rPi/OpenVPN server story, this is the way it looks in action. I am connected to the Internet through my Internet on the Go hotspot. I have established an OpenVPN connection to my Raspberry Pi at home. Then, I VNC into my desktop computer, run Firefox, and, view the PCLinuxOS forum from there.

In the first picture, I am on my deChromebook with a hotspot connection to the Internet.
deChromebook OpenVPN2

The terminal window in fuschia shows my OpenVPN connection. Below that, in yellow, is my wireless connection's ssid. That refreshes every few seconds, and, I normally have that visible when connected outside the house so I can see exactly what I'm connected to.

In the center, I'm juist about to VNC into my at-home desktop. My public address (which we don't care about here) is, and, my LAN is, with my desktop .76.

Top right, I'm hovering net_applet, and, it shows I am connected to my rPi's VPN. The is the hotspot's LAN.

Looking at the krells, I see my wireless is up (wlan0)and I also have a tun0 connection (the VPN).

Next picture is while I am VNCing my at-home desktop while VPNing through my Raspberry Pi.

VNC over VPN

I am just about to open May 2017...