Garage building in Maine - May-December 2006.

A-4 Skyhawk – Gulf War I


A-4 Skyhawk story. There are pictures of Kuwait Air Force aircraft taken in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during and after Gulf War I.

Argentina 2005

argentina 2005

Some tourist pictures taken during a business trip to Buenos Aires and Córdoba in December 2005.

Catalina 27

catalina 27

Pictures of mast step, mast wiring and reefing setup on the Catalina 27 I formerly owned.


knotts berry

A day trip to Knott's Berry Farm - October 2006.

Old Google Blogger Info

I haven't blogged in several years, so this info may be out of date.

 Blog Html tags

blog comments

Some instructions for posting links in blogs that use the Comment window and allow some tags like <a> <b>, or <i>.



I am playing with Blogging. I started as a result of doing the comment window tagging instructions. I am also testing some blog techniques at spare-test.

 More Blogging

blog image test

Blogging on Google Blogger can present some chalenges: one is image captions. I've written up some instructions as well as some other things and they are linked here.

OpenVPN Server on Raspberry Pi

My Raspberry Pi is running an OpenVPN server.

IP Check

I use a script on my always on unSlung NSLU2 to send me an email when my home IP address changes.

Network Stats

Script to monitor network stats on my deChromebook.

Run netstat as root

Running netstat as root the easy way.

Airlink 101 Office NAS—ANAS 350

The NASs are gone, but the story remains.

Investments & Expenses

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